Getting Help and Submitting a Ticket

You may contact HPRC in a number of ways. One of the best is to submit a ticket via the VCU Help Desk.

You may do this by logging in to the Ticket System These tickets are logged and available to all HPRC staff without delay.

After you have logged in:

  1. Select the New IT Support Ticket Button
  2. Select the Research Button
  3. Select the High Performance Computing Button.
  4. Select the CHiPC Support and Resources Button.
  5. Select the Request Support option (only option).
  6. Fill out the ticket details form
    1. Include your VCU email in the alt email box
    2. In the description box, please be as descriptive as possible what your issue is, what cluster you’re working on, and what software/compilers you are using.
    3. In the add attachment, include any photos or submission scripts useful for troubleshooting the issue.
  7. Hit submit and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Additionally, you can contact the HPRC Director (see email below) regarding your issue for it to be routed to the appropriate staff member.

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